Would you anti-age your vagina? Women get plumped-up to boost ‘saggy, floppy’ lady bits

Would you anti-age your vagina? Women get plumped-up to boost ‘saggy, floppy

Would you anti-age your vagina? Women get plumped-up to boost ‘saggy, floppy. WOMEN who are unhappy with their “deflated vaginas” are opting for potentially dangerous genital surgery.

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Dr NEETU NIRDOSH | Women having genital FILLERS because they’re dating YOUNGER men

EXPRESS newspaper | Dr Neetu Nirdosh:

“women of a certain age are wanting younger vaginas with dermal fillers because they are dating younger men”

Women having genital FILLERS because they’re dating YOUNGER men 

Women having genital FILLERS because they’re dating YOUNGER men. THINKING of having work done to your nether regions? It’s probably because you’re a cougar. By Felicity Thistlethwaite Felicity Thistlethwaite. PUBLISHED: 14:21, ….

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Profile: DR NEETU NIRDOSH | Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor London

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About Dr Nirdosh London


London’s top cosmetic surgery expert, Dr Neetu Nirdosh, is the No1 Harley Street doctor that A-list celebrities call first for a cosmetic face lift. She is the celebrity cosmetic doctor attending to stars and high profile clients.

Dr Nirdosh London clients include but not restricted to royalty, high profile professionals, CEO’s and A-listers who regularly visit London seeking her special injectable nip and tuck. During a movie project in London or a flyby stop-over her clients will insist they have to visit Dr Neetu NIRDOSH.

She is renown for creating beautiful faces pushing the boundaries of cosmetic perfection, and has  established a unique style identified and admired all over the world. As Dr Neetu Nirdosh says ‘Women desire to be naturally beautiful and have anxieties about cosmetic perfection . Dr. NIRDOSH clients receive a patient service that delivers absolute cosmetic perfection every time’ This is her forte. People want to find the best botox doctor in London and with Dr Nirdosh, they have.

A leading author and creator of the pioneering force behind Dr Nirdosh skin treatments, these themselves crowned clever cosmetics by Tatler. her first book Dr Nirdosh’s Anti Ageing Secrets reveals her extraordinary mind and discovery of growth hormone as the miracle bullet to youth.

She regularly appears in the press and is chosen to comment on the latests celebrity faces as well as appearing on on BBC TV and BBC radio. She has been featured in Grazia, New Woman, Red, Closer, Tatler, The Observer, The Telegraph, Now, Daily Mail, Fabulous, OK! and The Times.

She has forged a reputation as the go-to doctor for Botox and Dermal Fillers in London and her clinic is a one- stop nip and tuck hub for savvy women in the know.